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The photography of Court Whelan.

Nature, Landscape, Travel, and Wildlife Photography from across our planet.

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Court’s background in wildlife and conservation biology led him to pursue a joint PhD in ecotourism and entomology, while simultaneously coordinating and guiding small-group wildlife expeditions and ecotourism adventures around the world. From leading nature safaris to such far-flung places as Papua New Guinea and Madagascar, to locales closer to home such as Costa Rica, Belize and Mexico, Court says his guiding experiences allow him to “help people travel to and learn about extraordinary natural areas that make meaningful lifelong impressions for everyone involved.” In addition to a passion for discovery, teaching and adventure, Court also is an avid nature and wildlife photographer and is always eager to share his knowledge and creative guidance with his guests. Whether it’s macro photography of poison arrow frogs in Costa Rica, the vast landscapes of Namibia, or charismatic polar bears on the frozen tundra of Canada, no subject is off limits when it comes to Court’s enthusiasm for photography and sharing tips with his guests. When he isn’t planning and leading nature safaris, you’ll find Court hiking on trails from his backyard in Colorado, fly fishing in a nearby canyon, or working on his photography.