I strive to save our wild world through travel, specifically conservation travel, which adds value to natural areas and supports local communities.  Combine travel and photography, and you've got a story. These photos help tell a part of each story and represent some of my experiences, travels, and work. But the real tipping point for conservation is when these things inspire you to help protect the amazing corners of our planet. Explore this website, read a blog or two, and contact me if you feel inspired.

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Author, scientist, travel guide, and conservation biologist, Court Whelan, Ph.D., showcases over 17 years of photography in this 160 page coffee table book on the monarch butterfly and its amazing migration and overwintering phenomenon. Featuring mesmerizing photos and the author's own expert natural history explanations about the monarch butterfly, it's designed for the casual observer, inquisitive naturalist, and professional Lepidopterist alike.

New Book (January 2019) - The Monarch Butterfly Migration Photo Book




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